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Starting a business takes no skill. A credit card and a name is all it takes. But building a business that has repeat clients, competent staff and delivers real value in the world takes enormous effort.

This book is not for the dreamers and the wantrepreneurs. There is no fluffy ‘follow your passion’ advice here. This book is for the small business owner that has built a multi-million dollar business and is trying to figure out what the next steps are.

Why We Wrote This Book

Whilst the rest of the world is obsessed with tech startups, if you have a real business with real staff, real clients and real profits it seems like no one wants to know.

Small businesses make up to 50% of GDP in many countries yet what are you supposed to do when you’ve built the business to several million? Sell it? Give up control? Become an employee again?

This book is dedicated to all to all of the hard working entrepreneurs that solve problems, create jobs, and get paid last.

If you thought there must be a better way, this book is the answer.

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