Companies want their staff to be fit and active, so they buy a gym membership. Which nobody uses. To the average employee, fitness means mega gym, which means treadmill which means it ain’t gonna happen.

Fitness-Buffet realised that most people who are ‘fit’ do exercise because they like whatever exercise it is that they do. Some people like yoga, some people like kickboxing, some people like zumba dancing. Instead of forcing your staff into a gym, give them a buffet of options at vendors all around town and let them find the exercise that they enjoy.

Fitness-Buffet finds those vendors and secures free trials at all of them so your staff can go, obligation free, and check out what it is that they will enjoy doing.

Callum started this company in 2009, it is now in 12 countries around the world. You can find out if they are in your city here.


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